Art Based on Design

In 2009 I did part of a graphic design course to explore another side and its applications differing from the Bach Fine Arts Degree I had.

This Design course was to enhance my knowledge in art definition and design.   I found that Graphic Design is quite removed from Fine Art in which I have been trained, so there are very different techniques being exacting, but not unlike printmaking in a sense, only much more computer relevant . I’ve noticed that there are elements of Printmaking , but drawing graphically is either simplified or exacting. Pictograms and Logos are simplified, and Illustration can be tenuous. There is nothing in Design that is of the self, for the self, to the self, and imparting of the self. Design is from the graphic artist to the client, to society, to the world, to the culture- some good, most not good, but all worthy of some positive or negative (un?) worthiness.




Working ideas onto graph paper.


In turn, images are decided, then refined individually and coloured by pencils by hand.







‘Eggs Anyone?’ Graphite on acid free card.