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The art drawings on this page are all what is termed as ‘Art & Text’. For me, I love art and text drawings because there is
so much art merit in letters,numerals and symbols we use in everyday life.
Why not appreciate it! It lends a certain visual ‘texture’ to a drawing.




The new work below titles ‘Go On! Say it!’ is about honesty in relationships. ALL kinds of relationships.All sorts of things go wrong when we are not honest with others/another in the onset. I’m not talking about brutal honesty here, but an honesty that cuts through the witchery of enchanted lust, envy and greed for self gain out of fear of losing, which in itself underlies a true lack of real confidence in oneself. There are also underlying subtleties here drawn into the picture, which gives another different but related analogy to the meaning of the drawing.



Have you ever had a visitor that impressed you because they should be recognised as incredible, but they are so unassuming about the goodness they do and have done? This event happened to me recentlly. I just had to draw an art n text black and white still life about this person after they left.

Details: A4 in size. Took just over 6 hours to draw. Black ink on acid free card.

















5 Faces Of Phill

Phil is a sound technician and exquisite Blues player. He is currently looking for Blues musicians to jam with for fun. Contact him on 0424545267 Australia.






































 ’Snakes’ completed 24.5.2009. Ink drawing. A4 in size. ‘Snakes’ had been started quite some time ago, but waited for me to finish it. Lol. Ahh! Now finally completed. It is about 2 robbers that came and stole a very larges garden statue of mine. Here, I represent the robbers as snakes in the night.