Carmelogne Roses. Beautiful. frilled, and spectacular colour.

 It’s important to have a really beautiful garden where you can be outside, smell beautiful flowers, be with animals, enjoy tranquility, and savour your surroundings. A personal, private space where you can meditate your private thoughts and cares. This is what I find I do in my garden. Here you can capture some insights into how Nature gives me inspiration to do my art.

Painting and drawing flowers is such a traditional art practice to do…and so too even with sculpture work, and expressed in poems and songs….sigh!

Romance, flowers, the birds and the bees…You will find a love sonnet at the end of this page- Sonnet 109 by Shakespeare. A beautiful poem of undying love.

Cheers! Enjoy this beautiful page!

Anna Boros Artist~ :-)

Artist Anna Boros back garden. Transformed 2011.




Kardinale Rose. Incredibly fragrant, lasts for a good week in a vase, and sturdy on the stem.



Just Joey Roses grow beautifully in the garden. Their large blooms can be the size of a large lunch plate.


Canna Lily 'Intrigue'. A beautiful Canna Lily, with curling petals.


Ali cat poses amidst the coloured pots being filled for gifts for Christmas 2011.


The Moonstone Rose is really beautiful with its porcelaine like translucent petals.


Dublin Bay Rose. Gorgeous fluorescence. So rich, red, and deep lusciousness.




Camelias seem to look as soft as tissue paper. Delightful.





David Austin rose.Absolutely incredible fragrance. More Chinensis than Tea Rose.



Double Delight rose. Beautiful, sharp fragrance.



Fairy Iris/ Wild Iris. So very beautiful to look at. Native to Africa.



Fairy Iris/ Wild Iris. Spectacular.



Pretty purple daisies. Always an attractive filler to the garden.



Red Hibiscus. One of the patio varieties that grow to 1 metre in height. Beautiful vibrant red.




Tiny Button Daisies. Pretty and happy.




Hot Cocoa Roe. An unusual delight to have in the garden- almost a brownish red!




Another Patio Hibiscus, growing to a metre tall. Hardy plants and glossy leasves make them not only attractive, but you can trust they can look after themselves quite well once established.




Asiatic lilies smell divine. Great in vases too. Perfect symmetry.





White Caps. Another fragrant flower to the garden. Quite striking. Strong smell if they aren't wet. Great on hot Summer nights!




Princess De Monaco. So apt. Soft, feminine, and fragrant as a young lady she was.




Pascali Rose. Beautiful , classic, white rose. Lightly fragranced. Large.




Australian Rosemary (inedible). Sweet tiny pinkish mauve flowers with spotted centres. Great for filling under windows, branches bushy but very airy in appearance.




Jacaranda flowers. Australian tree, soft fragrance, and thousands and thousands of flowers just cover everything beneath and around it. Amazing! The petals break down into mulch very quickly and is excellent compost for the garden.




A vase of your own Spring garden flowers is absolutely wonderful to have in the house!!



The gorgeous Kardinale Rose: Strength, Beauty, strong fragrance. A must in the garden!








Just Joey Rose. Is beautiful.











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