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 Works here are the most  recently done.

  13 works made since Dec 2011.




  The work below is “Queen Series No. 2″ . Ink and watercolour on acid free card. A4. Approximately 10 hours.


New work below is ‘Queen Series No.1.’ by Anna Boros. 5.6.2012. Blue ink and watercolour on acid free card. A4 in size. Approx 8 hours.



Eat Before You Leave. 12 hours A4 Black and white. Ink on acid free card. A nonsensical drawing, but sensible using common sense.



The new work below titles ‘Go On! Say it!’ is about honesty in relationships. ALL kinds of relationships.All sorts of things go wrong when we are not honest with others/another in the onset. I’m not talking about brutal honesty here, but an honesty that cuts through the witchery of enchanted lust, envy and greed for self gain out of fear of losing, which in itself underlies a true lack of real confidence in oneself. There are also underlying subtleties here drawn into the picture, which gives another different but related analogy to the meaning of the drawing.





Work completed as at 15th May 2012 . A mixed media work incorporating paint, pastel, ink, beading. Below is an art deco style work (mixed media). Titled ‘Artdeco’.   Measuring approximately 1 metre x 500cms. It has unusual optical illusions in the work.



Have you ever had a visitor that impressed you because they should be recognised as incredible, but they are so unassuming about the goodness they do and have done? This event happened to me recentlly. I just had to draw an art n text black and white still life about this person after they left.

The work is A4 in size and took over 6 hours to do.






The work below is work showing an abstract based on a particular fractal design,covering the canvas with tubes and green leaves enmeshed  with a thick dense foliage like appearance. The title of this work is ‘Stem cells’. The inspiration of this work was derived from a fractal that I made that so reminded me of stem cells under a microscope. The representation here showws the tubes being covered with green foliage (life)- a birth of pure life.
Emulating stem cells- a meaning and an imprint of life, itself.



Works below measure A3 in size, individually, and are mixed media drawings on acid free paper. They are studies into fractal images and are an exercise into how calculus forms interesting images, through their colour, optics, and patterns.

Titled ‘Fractal Image One’; ‘Fractal Image Two’; Fractal Image Three’; and Fractal Image Four’.




.This work is titled ‘Still Life’, and is A3 in size on acid free paper. It is an ink drawing and coloured with watercolours. January 2012. The work shows the artists’ dining table with a set of  jug and glasses, with jug coverlet. In the background shows an artists easel with painting, and a window and lounges with scattered sculptures.



In the above picture, the work is titled ‘Just Joey Rose’ and was recently  exhibited at Theodore’s Cafe and Restaurant, High Street, Penrith NSW

It is now presently hanging in exhibition at Frogmore House, Werrington Campus, University of Western Sydney. NSW.

Below, Curator Dearne (R) with me on the left, at Frogmore House UWS Exhibition. Depending on the light, the work shows the highlights or thedepths of the colours.



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