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Welcome to PASTELS.

Yes welcome to the pastels section. :-) I love using pastels as I love to draw. Its great using these because the colours are so vivid and strong, and I like anything that makes me sit up and notice!

What’s good about working with Pastels is that I can work with chunky thick pieces of soft pastel and  work really large areas when I want to, and yes, I have worked on very large drawing areas! Imogen, to the right here,however is not a very large work area, as she is only a ruler length square. 12″. Square. She is one of three women in a series, the other two being Vanessa and Sandra. You will see this series further on in this page.I hope you get a kick out of this page. I have done some abstracted works, traditional works and design and modern work with pastels.Please enjoy.




BLUE LADY  was conceived through the idea of a sad woman who suffers in silence. Women who are abused often take abuse in silence. She becomes a person who, through her sadness finds it hard to see the light when it is only a mindset away. Here in this drawing, Blue Lady is on a pedestal in what appears a restrictive confessional. Behind her is the light of day, new life represented by the green of plant life. There is a hint of Cubist juxtapositioning in this drawing, symbolic to the fractured mindset she endows within herself. Her hands are drawn to her face as if to console herself. She is seen to wipe the tears away.
I often find that I would prefer not to explain my work to the audience, for far better, I feel, that the audience can reason within themselves in their own interpretative relationship with the work itself, thus impart something emotionally moving within themselves on a more innate level.



TPS 2008 Anna Boros. Please see About The Works section for much more information and meaning about this work.



‘Self Portrait Exorcism’ . 2006 .Conceptual drawing on the role swapping that woman play in every day life. A continual and constant evolvement of improvement of our base and instinctive selves through the masks of seeming refinement and definition, as to what others see, but others do not know.

For lengthy dialogue on this artwork please see  About The Works section.



This is titled ‘kitty kitty’. Late 2006. Measuring 1.6 metres x 1 metre. A rather large drawing on canvas. This conceptual drawing is about the Intuition, and it is a ‘gathering of symbols’ as it were if I were to have seen space junk gather up and fit in together being of a similar mettle. I have been a teacher of metaphysical sciences for a long time, and symbols are important in my everyday life. Kitty kitty is made up of such symbols that are cliched to Intuition and others being that are needing to be looked further as to why i have drawn them into the drawing. Artists tend to like to ponder as to why another artist has been inspired to do a particular artwork- especially using symbols!

Pastel on canvas. Please see Kitty Kitty notes and information in the About The Works.

Below: This video was made in 2006 and used mobile pictures to create the images. The quality of mobile images have come a long way since then!

Please click for processes of Kitty kitty.

1Kitty Kitty1




AFIM is an acronym for Abuse from Immature Males. Now that may surprise some males, but its from those male types that abuse women. And that’s not all males. Understand ! Here the male is represented as a foetus. Simply drawn, and not exactly refined. That’s an important part of the drawing. Symbolically. The umbilical cord is around the woman’s neck, part strangling her, and she too is in a foetal position, the result of her abuse. The foetus is seen squeezing a round balloon type shape, and it is this that is the indicator:when the abusive male puts the ‘squeeze on her’ that is when she is feeling the pinch of the noose. The circles of colour in the background symbolize the never ending spiral of time where the dysfunctional relationship keeps repeating the same course. Eventually, the tides turn, someone or something forces a redirection and both are cut free. How that happens, and what causes this to eventuate all depends on the interruptive forces doing it. The outcome can be quite amazing, leading to a variety of results from disaster, or to liberty. As a female artist, women’s issues are an integral part of my art practice.





Backyard.By Anna Boros. Pastel and ink on acid free card. A3 in size. Drawing of artist’s backyard sitting area.



This work is about ‘Lifting the Veil’. The work is about realising that no more could I stand seeing my aged dog remain in the state that he became. Being very old and sick, through sheer determination as alpha male in the household, he heroically refused to give up the ghost. The leprotic hero still heralded enormous bravery on a sinuous thread of wavering fidelity and faithfulness. ‘Lifting the veil’ was when I realised once and for all that beautiful aged doggy was suffering through his love for me. It was time to come to terms with making the most hardest decision in his termination. Interestingly enough, the saying of ‘lifting the veil’ goes back to biblical times, and the veil is an integral item in many religious ceremonies all over the world. It is about seeing things ‘as they are’.

Lifting The Veil. 2008. Pastel on acid free paper. A3.

 Sunset. 2008. Pastel on canvas. A tyrptych series. Sold.



Untitled. 2006.The drawing to the left shows a portrait of a young girl, feathers in her hair, paint on her face, and blowing a kiss to the viewer. Symbolically, A kiss is a sign of affection; feathers in her hair denote decorative cultural apparel; and her playfulness is of her child like demeanour. I drew this young child as I had seen her appear in my dreams, in my visions, and as a ghost. Sounds incredible doesn’t it, but occasionally, being a practicing trance artist, it is definitely not unusual for me. believe it or no, the fact remains that the symbols of significance imply that to be creative, one must have the open heart of a loving child, belong to a ‘clan’ of like minded people; listen to your dreams and visions, and the result is as clear as a drawing.


Bleak Interview. May 2007  ‘Bleak Interview’ 2007. 1 metre x 750cms approx. The title is self explanatory- a bleak interview, a bleak day, and a sparse cafe setting at Parramatta.



Yuki. 2006. Pastel on architectural design plan paper.





Women’s Libido. Feb. 2006. Anna Boros. Pastel and Ink on paper. A4. One of a series of 2 drawings.


Women’s Libido. Closeup of first gun drawing.






  • Closeup of Women’s Libido. 2nd Drawing. Feb. 2006 by Anna Boros. 2nd drawing.





Titled ‘Yes’. December 20th, 2008. Trance Drawing. 12″ x 12″ Pastel on canvas.



Common Weal. 2009. Pastel Drawing. Approx 2 metres x 1 metre. Made for a book by Kundan Misra called ‘The Common Weal’. It is a book entirely written in rythmic verse, and is a story about politics in Australia through the years. Cover by Anna Boros as well as the ten illustrations inside. Very good read.



Lesbian Series. March 2008. Pastel and Ink on acid free paper. 3 states of a relationship.



Lesbian Series. 2nd of 3 stages in a relationship. Pastel and Ink on acid free paper. March 2008






Imogen.- From The Three Nudes Series . 2009. Pastel on canvas. 300cms x 300cms.



Vanessa. From The Three Nudes Series.  2009. Pastel on canvas




Mickey Rat Watch. 2009. Pastel on canvas. 300cms x 300cms. For more information please see ‘About The Works’ Section.



Titles. ‘Losing Face’.Made April 2009 for the Pyrmont Exhibition May 2nd 2009 . For more information of this concept etc please see the About The Works section.


Em-Bare-assed.2008. Pastel, and paint on architectural paper. This work is about a woman’s dress flipping up from a gust of wind to reveal…oh no! The title brings a play on words titling- Em- bare- assed. Befitting. Just wondering if her name is Em for Emma! Lol.



Penrith High Street: Theodore’s Cafe. 5.5.2009 Pastel on canvas.

To watch the art processes of the making of this pastel drawing, please click the  ‘Penrith Hight Street Folder 1 green link below. It may take a few seconds to load.

penrith high street folder1



Pending Rebirth is the artists’ humorous way of looking at a table with oddments on it…and, it is the way of looking at the table so closely with oddments on it, that Boros concedes :” If one starts to draw objects like these on a canvas that are just haphazardly placed on a table, then its’ time to get a life!” Pending Rebirth is then, an apt name for basically, ‘being bored out of one’s own mind’, and realizing that renewal is needed, and therefore, at hand. Pastel on canvas. 2007. Approximately 1 metre x half a metre.





Blackie through Shroud. Pastel on canvas. For more information please see About The Works section.



Lilies. 2008. Pastel on canvas. Sold.



This work was made for an exhibition which was themed on what weird stuff people eat.…well yes!…Eeeeew! One worm down the hatch! Yummo!!! NOT!



Lesley Shoe Fetish is about a friend who has a shoe fetish. This work is pastel and paint on canvas- a bit of a mixed media.