rawings are interesting, aren’t they!? The ‘line’ from a drawing implement can go on forever, provided that the ink, or chalk, or pigment, or liquid, or graphite, or anything else in a stick form that produces a line, can be used to draw.

nterestingly enough, a stick can be a drawing implement in the dirt, can’t it!? Yes, it can as it makes a line by clearing and making a distinguishable pathway to achieving communication, be it in letters; script; images, icons, numbers or just something that can be made! Funnily enough though, using a stick to draw is like drawing with ‘negative spacing’, and THAT is interesting in itself when we see shapes that are made through the barriers of drawing lines on an image that is conceived directly. It is the reverse of line that has actually made a spatial drawing out of nothing, but formed through the barricading of ‘walls’ formed by other images. These can be seen for instance when we do paper doll cut outs. It is the spacing around them that gives them shape, and not necessarily the shape that has been cut out ! Get it? Positive and negative spacing can be utilised in all sorts of imagery, even with drawing.

            onceptually, we can even think it is like ‘what someone HASN”T told you’ rather than what ‘someone HAS told you’ about something. Working on spatial thought can create all sorts of possibitlities, not just in art, but utilised even in everyday problems. And you thought Drawing was just about drawing? Lol. Have you already ‘drawn’ your own conclusions about Drawing right now? As endless the drawn line is, so are the possibilities!

Following are copious amounts of drawings, as it is something I just love to do. :-D















Yes I do now have black hair! Lol. At the time I made these powerpoint panels, I did have blonde hair and now, a lot has changed about me! I’m older for a start! :-D heheheheh!


Drawing TPS- A pastel drawing. 2009






Dolly. 2004



Untitled. 2004



Wusss Bluff Coy. 2005



Ramrod Ventilation Calculation by anna boros3150




eileens reception bw june 08



3 things to do now. 2002



Snakes. 2009



An ink Drawing of a hand drawing- a handy drawing to have!



Common Weal. 2009. Pastel Drawing.