Guess again!

I paint, you paint, the local garbage man paints, as well as all the people you can possibly know! Think about it!… What do people do that involves painting?? Huhhh???


  Girls paint their fingernails, and we all paint glue on things, and also paint houses, and repair things, and sometimes we might need to paint oil on things too! Mechanics do…:-}


We paint trees with special emulsions, and we also fingerpaint, and decorate cakes!


Did you just think that painting was just with a paintbrush and use acrylics and oils?? No. Not at all ! Whether you like it or not, everyone is an artist in one way or another. Did you polish your shoes this morning, or use a brush on your teeth to cover your teeth with the toothpaste? Or did you have a sprain and have to rub some ointment in?
Well by now, I guess you have the picture now of what i am trying to paint you!!…

 and that’s another thing! As a human race, we all paint. Pictures are visualised and we get the ‘painting’ done!


 A Love Of Art- A Lifestyle.

  I love art, and art for me, is about all art..the ‘arts’. It is all art. The WAY we perceive, and the way we do it. That is art, and painting is just one artform of many that I love to do as well. You will find that there are many paintings that I have done over time that will be shared with you on this site. I hope you enjoy them as much as I love to paint them. :-} Anna~



This work is actually a mixed media work, but is mainly painted. It also has ink, pastels, and beading. The title is 'Artdeco' and was completed 15.5.2012. It has unusual optical illusions about it.






3rd new tench

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Nepean Belle On The Nepean River. 2009. Acrylic on canvas.
















 Amanda 1998 Painting on glass. Holographic paper insert.

Lesley Shoe Fetish. 2009


Just Joey Rose. 2011. by Anna Boros



Art Deco. Untitled as per May 2012. Not quite finished yet. Nearly.


Rain South Of Goulburn. 2009


Painting on glass. Robert. 1998. by Anna Boros

Indian Webs circa 2006


Blackie. 2008


Flippy. 2008


Chickie. 2008.


Willie Willow 2008


Mixed media (mainly painting). 1998


Gum Trees. A long time ago.


Imperial Fighting Fish. 2009




X swords. 2009



The Empty Bowl . 2009. Acrylic on canvas.