Believe it or not, I have been a singing Teacher for over 25 years. The last so many years I haven’t taught full time, and only for the local College at times when they need me. I have done an enormous amount of Singing Teaching, and 1000′s of students have been touched by the Anna magic!

I loved teaching Singing, and I loved doing it. After all, teachers must know what they are teaching,and do have to practice what they preach! Lol. Singing Gospel since the age of two then until I was eighteen before I moved seriously into all other genres moving into comfortably into Jazz, Soul, Funk. Those areas where you can’t help Singing what you feel, and feeling what you are singing!! Lol. I ceased having my personal teacher around the age of forty two when I had been teaching others for about sixteen ears already and had great qualifications as well. I again ended up practicing what i preached and  I was never stultified as to what to do next in how to approach a song! Both of my children are well grown up now, and they too have the most beautiful voices. I love it when i hear them singing.  Its the happiness and the feeling that gets me every time.

More importantly though, I am so proud of the students that I have taught, for in some way, they have all looked at life very differently because of Singing, and I am so glad that most have them have continued singing either professionally or personally. It has really cultivated them personally, and I have really savoured these outcomes. My holistic approach achieved best possible results.

This page will show tit bits from by gone years.

Here’s a couple of songs for you to listen to. Updated versions of old jazz songs.

The artist Anna Boros singing these.

Moonlight In Vermont sung by Anna Boros

Lola sung by Anna Boros



In the last few years I have made it a point to entertain the guests at my own art shows by singing a few sets of jazz and contemporary songs. It makes for a much more festive Opening. Below are an assortment of different fotos from many years ago up to now when i was singing, and even teaching singing. I still teach singing sometimes at the local college.Enjoy! :-D



28years of age. This particular night I was singing with the Shirley Bassey Band having great fun.




Singing at the Versatile Journey Solo (mine) Exhibition Late Nov 2010




Singing at the Visionary Exhibit





Singing Volunteer Work for a Sydney Gallery





Singing Volunteer Work for a Sydney Gallery.





Singing and Art! One just cannot complain!!




Teaching Singing for 25+ years. Here we see a very young 39yr old Singing Teacher- Anna Boros. Beautiful and colourful collage in the background with mosaic mirror mural walls. The question is which came first? The Art or the Singing?




Also was singing professionally on Friday and Saturday night as well as teaching Mondays-Saturdays, then did Community radio on Sunday mornings with Air FM.



Singing is wonderful- just like Art!







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