Photographic manipulated images. 2004. W.S.U.

Anna Boros as Artist As Director and Model,  & Craig Lewin, Photographer.

These images portray the narrative of the ‘before’s and after’s’

of what plastic surgery effect can have on females: the first image shows the contemplative possible sacrifice and self awareness.

The thought of not being perfect enough- purely a cultural reasoning.

The 2nd image shows the privacy needed in that contemplation and decision making.

The third image portraying the possible kickbacks of judgment by others and her expressed resentment toward

others because of their judgment.

The fourth image shows the end result of ‘plastic’ confidence, and whether the confidence

is through actualisation through the surgery, or the self  assurance of the final decision making.

The book titled ‘The Beauty Myth’ by Naomi Wolf, is a very interesting book regarding how our

cultural images are used against women in our society. You can read an interesting dialogue on the book in Wiki.

Just type in the title of the book. Happy reading.