Top: Bust made of graphite and cement, with treatment finishes. 2004

Below:  Bust made of plaster and latex with embellishments of needlework, stitching and cotton thread.

Like The Beauty Myth Series photographic images in this section, these two busts portray the inner female,

and the outer female. The top bust showing a female with one eye open, and the other eye closed.

 Her hair ornately coiffed. She is the inner part of the female psyche. The Animus.

The bust below represents the female with a face made of latex (representing plastic surgery).

On one side of the face, the latex has been cut open from the molding underneath,

then resewn representing the stitching required for remodeling.

Here too, her hair is coiffed, and her face renewed.

She too, still looks inward, but her exterior represents the Anima,

which is needed to take on the action and causality in deduction and change.