In Memorandum- Colleen Shaliapin 16th February 2018

In Memory of artist Colleen Shaliapin.
The Fairfield Art Society gave a post Memorandum for artist Colleen Shaliapin on the 16th February, 2018. It was help at Club Marconi, at Bossley Park, NSW.




Though a sad loss, Coleen was given a beautiful post send off by her friends and relatives this day. Further reading in the blog. Here are a few shots of the evening. It started off with the downstairs celebrations of the Chinese New Years Celebrations. Quite spectacular! it was really happening, and in such contrast to where we were going upstairs. Sometimes fun begins at the beginning, sometimes it ends at the end, sometimes not, and sometimes all through. This day was the fun began…but it wasn’t the ending. Farewell Colleen. You were a beautiful soul who painted her soul into her works.

Chinese New Year Celebrations: