Mala Fide

This work was entered  into the Fairfield Art Society Exhibition Sunday the 2nd June 2019. On the 5th of June late at night a phone call from one of the directors of the society Mr. John Supe informed me that the Mala Fide self portrait has won First Prize for the Traditional Section.  It is very exciting.

All award winning works will be offered to remain on show at Club Marconi  ( at Bossley Park NSW ) until the 28th of July 2019.

The  Official Opening is  Friday the 7th June 2019 at 7.30pm in the Elletra Room. Club Marconi President Mr. Vince Foti. 

(The last time I won a prize was the Australian Art Ethical prize for ‘Oil Is The Earth’s Blood’, Oct 2010 People’s Choice Awards).  (look up in Search).

Pastel on Canvas.

Art Tells Women’s Stories 2 Nov 2018


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Art Tells Women’s Stories

From Pain And Tragedy To Triumph And Joy,

New Series Showcases Incredible Lives.

Reporter : Nicola Barton

Photographer : Melinda Jane

Newspaper: The Western Weekender

Date: Friday, November the 2nd, 2018

For link to article please link :  Tap on the Title below : ‘Art tells women’s stories’.

Art tells women’s stories

Wise Choices


Wise Choices  10th October 2018

Pastel on canvas

This is No. 17 in The Everyday Matriarchal Heroines series.




Standing Tall And Knowing

Standing Tall And Knowing

This is No.15 in ‘The Everyday Matriarchal Heroines’ series

being exhibited in November 2018. Completed 7th September 2018.






The 13th pastel drawing for the ‘Everyday Matriarchal Heroines’ series information has been removed until further notice by the model.





Pastel Drawing on Canvas.

This drawing is No. 11 in the series for the ‘Everyday Matriarchal Heroines’ series  exhibiting in November 2018.  Completed 5 August 2018