Abaddon’s Locusts






Pastel on canvas.                                   22 February, 2018



This is the 2nd drawing in a Women’s Series that I am currently doing for 2018.

The series is titled ‘Matriarchal Heroines’, typifying the heroines of the everyday world

in which we live in. The exhibition at the end of this year is to bring awareness of an

egoistic culture focused on selfies and materialism. This series is to bring to mind that we are all human no matter

what car you own or new plastics you have bought.

‘Abaddon’s Locusts’ is about a heroine who braved her own fears and came out victorious from

bullying, deceit, treachery and cruelty that lasted for a span of about 2 years.









I Wish Thee Well. Completed 19th December 2017

One of two works in the series.


This is a self portrait.

This conceptual drawing is about the emotional mixtures that evolve through the memories,

the happiness’s, the missing, and well wishing of when our children leave the nest,

and to venture out and become independent of their parents,

and finally making their own  life changing and life strengthening decisions.

19 December 2017



It’s Time To Preen




This particular drawing is about getting ready for a new phase in your life…When all that is around you does not serve your growth anymore.

This is about preparing for that new you.









ink on acid-free card. 7th August, 2017


Like the rings on a tree give time lines, this beach landscape drawing, depicts how the comings and

goings of the waves, the beach, the people, cars and night and day, has its own linear chronology.


A B1 Sized print of ‘Beach ‘ is also currently being exhibited at Frogmore House. WSU, Kingswood, NSW.2017 .

The Frogmore House Spring Art Show From 28th August 2017









ink on acid free card. 25th May, 2017


This work based on a fractal design I engineered. I have also graphically enhanced the

drawn image to produce this complementary and contrasting design.










Series of 3 cutaway linocut prints each on acid-free card. January, 2016

There is nothing like a beautiful linocut print, being so unique and individual.

Never  any one the same.








Drawing manipulation print for poster image. 18th July, 2015

Another conceptual piece about bullying and the sadness behind

the scenes associated with these mixed up angry bullies- to others, and to themselves.