Pastel on canvas. 27th August, 2008

I was meant to be an artist drawing and painting as an observer, rather than

doing jobs that and artist may round-peg-square-hole-it in!

This is Parramatta, where I had the interview, oh so long ago now.







pastel on canvas. 1 metre x 1  metre.  Date Completed:  July 2008

TPS is an acronym for Tall Poppy Syndrome.







pastel on canvas. 2007

Conceptual work with symbolism depicting loneliness, confinement, sadness, and hope.

Abstracted,  due to the nature of this conceptual work.







Ink drawing on acid-free paper. July 2006

The idea for this was to draw what isn’t real as a real image and to use the positive spacing as a

negative interpretation. So for example, the naked lady daydreaming of monsters attacking her is

being attacked by lizards, with a man drawn facing her, thought there is a face

drawn on the back of his jacket, looking the other way. Other images drawn in this imaginatively convoluted drawing are

nerd head, king’s head, crossed, houses, a letter, a clown, a rose, a shower head with sprays and drips, buildings , snake,

steps, roads that lead to nowhere, cogs and loopy tubing, other odd bits, and lizards attacking as if on a city!

I think Freud may have something to think about with this one!









ink on acid free paper. July, 2006

Three types of chests are being exposed here. The High Priestess is exposing her chest, there is

also a chest fulls of skulls in it, and the lid is wide open, and also the chest of drawers, which both drawers are open

of which the top drawer is full to the brim of coins. She holds one of them in her right hand

which she guards close to her body.

The Sun rises in the East. There is a Mobilum above her head

which signifies infinity and the endless circles of cycles. There is a mirror on the wall behind the chest of drawers

which reflects the back of her head and crown. The night sky in the East…or is it the West?…

shows an apple tree with 9 apples. Her right foot  is shackled, with a key right beside it to unlock it any time. Her left foot looks clubbed,

or perhaps, protecting the shackled foot. The wall and the flooring are woven matting, and is full of square, white spacing into

nothingness…or white light from the sun?  An arrow with three hearts surrounding it points directly at her head. She wears a star

on a necklace on her chest. The Moon is high in the black sky.

 The concept of this drawing is full of Esoteric symbolism.







Drawing on acid free paper. April, 2006

When I’m busy , soo busy with art work, sometimes some parts

of the table are reserved for sanity..and it STILL gets messy too!










Top & Bottom: . Ink and watercolour on acid free card. 2006

I went to two parties in one day. The top one is the first one I went to, then the bottom one

was at night when I arrived there. Two very different parties. The top party was full of family and children

and gays and straights, and puppy dogs and heaps of babies and children getting lost in the crowd.

It was so much fun to be watching on the side.

By the time I got to the 2nd party it was late and the booze and the talking was quite

the all time low.  It was all time satiety …and   I wondered how it would have been if I had had these two parties’

time-switched. Probably exactly the same. Same props, different actors.

All the ‘sane’ people had left and gone home, and the late stayers too tired to shift.











Drawing on Acid- free card. September 2005

Focus Series is a conceptual set of four black and white drawings,

each of the four stages in how we assimilate information.

Focus in Perspective is the way we start to see the patterning and draw

conclusions from that information and draw a perspective on that information.


The second drawing, Focus in Objective is when we identify what we can see,

and draw it out and examine it as an object.
Focus In Subjective is where we throw it back into our brain and synthesise the

information against all other objects of information.
The compartments are where each fact is stored and the diagonal lines represent the neurons

sending and receiving information for comparison

and deduction.


The fourth drawing, Focus Introspective,  (sometimes I call this drawing ‘Pumpkin Head!),

 is about the processing of all the information,

melding and assimilating it back into the new patterning of  inward knowledge, and becoming it.

Thus, the insatiable urge of the thirsting for knowledge.