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House Flowers





ink on acid-free card. 9th July, 2017

Fancy some very happy yellows?




Two works were submitted to this exhibition by Ms. Boros :

House Flowers, and a large B1 sized print of Friday’s Floral. Retro Perspective Opening Exhibition . Saturday, 23rd Sept.2017

at GalleryOne88. 188 Katoomba Street Katoomba. NSW .




A B1 Sized print of ‘House Flowers’ is also currently being exhibited at Frogmore House. WSU, Kingswood, NSW.2017 .

The Frogmore House Spring Art Show




Original drawing of House Flowers entered into Fairfield Art Prize

25th Annual Exhibition 2017 at Club Marconi. Monday the 9th October 2017- Sunday the 22nd of October, 2017 along with Chris Mc Biss.












Drawing on Acid- free card. September 2005

Focus Series is a conceptual set of four black and white drawings,

each of the four stages in how we assimilate information.

Focus in Perspective is the way we start to see the patterning and draw

conclusions from that information and draw a perspective on that information.


The second drawing, Focus in Objective is when we identify what we can see,

and draw it out and examine it as an object.
Focus In Subjective is where we throw it back into our brain and synthesise the

information against all other objects of information.
The compartments are where each fact is stored and the diagonal lines represent the neurons

sending and receiving information for comparison

and deduction.


The fourth drawing, Focus Introspective,  (sometimes I call this drawing ‘Pumpkin Head!),

 is about the processing of all the information,

melding and assimilating it back into the new patterning of  inward knowledge, and becoming it.

Thus, the insatiable urge of the thirsting for knowledge.




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