Three stages of womanhood. A follow on from uni days studying thesis for

Femininity Series. Here we have  Imogen, a young 22 year old, then Vanessa who is in

her early thirties, understanding young children and pregnancy, then Sandra, who has

grown up children, and is now exploring her own self again… and so repeats the cycle.

Each is pastel on canvas. Series completed,  April, 2009.













Mixed Media. Cotton, enamel paint, nylon, plaster. 13th November, 2006


This work was made for my kitchen area. The concept is in regard to the loss of my hair.

A few years before, I had asked a singing student (who was a hairdresser by trade), to trim my very long blonde waist length hair.

When she had finished she had actually cut most of my

hair off without me realising. After that I decided to dye my hair black. Jealousy can be such a pain in the ……








ink on acid free paper. July, 2006

Three types of chests are being exposed here. The High Priestess is exposing her chest, there is

also a chest fulls of skulls in it, and the lid is wide open, and also the chest of drawers, which both drawers are open

of which the top drawer is full to the brim of coins. She holds one of them in her right hand

which she guards close to her body.

The Sun rises in the East. There is a Mobilum above her head

which signifies infinity and the endless circles of cycles. There is a mirror on the wall behind the chest of drawers

which reflects the back of her head and crown. The night sky in the East…or is it the West?…

shows an apple tree with 9 apples. Her right foot  is shackled, with a key right beside it to unlock it any time. Her left foot looks clubbed,

or perhaps, protecting the shackled foot. The wall and the flooring are woven matting, and is full of square, white spacing into

nothingness…or white light from the sun?  An arrow with three hearts surrounding it points directly at her head. She wears a star

on a necklace on her chest. The Moon is high in the black sky.

 The concept of this drawing is full of Esoteric symbolism.










Drawing on Acid- free card. September 2005

Focus Series is a conceptual set of four black and white drawings,

each of the four stages in how we assimilate information.

Focus in Perspective is the way we start to see the patterning and draw

conclusions from that information and draw a perspective on that information.


The second drawing, Focus in Objective is when we identify what we can see,

and draw it out and examine it as an object.
Focus In Subjective is where we throw it back into our brain and synthesise the

information against all other objects of information.
The compartments are where each fact is stored and the diagonal lines represent the neurons

sending and receiving information for comparison

and deduction.


The fourth drawing, Focus Introspective,  (sometimes I call this drawing ‘Pumpkin Head!),

 is about the processing of all the information,

melding and assimilating it back into the new patterning of  inward knowledge, and becoming it.

Thus, the insatiable urge of the thirsting for knowledge.








Blockmount screen print with screen print table top. 2003

The Fag ‘n Wine blockmount screen print is a series of other blockmount screenprints, being :

‘ The Four Oddballs’ ; ‘Cardigan Coat’ ; ‘And They All Charged In Like Malee Bulls’ ;  ‘Glomeshh Monster’ ; and,  ‘Dolly’ .






Block Mount Screen Print. 2004

This is one of a series of six block mounted screen prints.
The other works are: ‘Cardigan Coat’; ‘And They All Rushed In Like Malee Bulls’; Glomeshh Monster’; The Four Oddballs’; and ‘Fag ‘N Wine’.

This work is a conceptual piece regarding the loss of a little kitten named ‘Dolly’.

Images show the angst, the ritual of burial, the natural disaster symbol,

and the thoughts of loss running around within the head itself.











Treated plaster. 2004. W.S.U.

This work is a work in the Femininity Series. This work portrays representational textile netting,

and rib like ‘boning at the top of the work.

It is said that Adam gave his rib bone to God to fashion a partner named Eve, and have her as his partner.

Here then, the narrative is clear.










Veneer Tape. 14th April, 2003

I made several works using veneer tape. This was about working the Drawn Line

into a 3D object.

The practical use for this fan was made to be used as a housed

sculpture underneath a glass table top for a coffee table.