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 Krissie Skudds interviewed Anna Boros for Artfiles, 

In Focus, Artist of The Month. 24 July, 2009.


“To artist Anna Boros, creativity is like a mirror. Whatever you create you have to answer to, and be responsible for. Today she’s expressing that creativity through drawings on canvas and paper, however tomorrow it could be drawing on flesh, building a sculpture, giving a performance or directing an installation, depending on the concept being communicated. As an artist Anna feels driven by a responsibility to create and explore new forms and ideas, rehash the old and then share her creative adventures with others. Anna is currently working on a series of four large drawings on canvas for an upcoming exhibition at the Royal Australian Botanical Gardens Art Gallery- Spring Salon. The exhibition calls for organic themes, with echoes of Spring, and Anna’s subject will be cats. She has a feline fascination, and they feature in some of her work, including photography and paintings. MORE”…

The Penrith-based artist also creates work with a focus on women, and the moral issues women experience across domestic, cultural, political, personal, and sexual spheres. Anna is interested in the ways in which women approach and respond to socio-cultural change.From mud cakes and lipsticks to sculptures and drawing – this artist has been creating for as long as she can remember. During her school years she learnt discipline, construction, patterning and techniques, in a simpler application. And she quotes from prolific artist and essayist, Asger Jorn (1914 – 1973), with whom she shares views on creating:

“There is no such thing as different styles, and there never was. Style is the expression of a bourgeois content, and its various nuances are what we call taste. The rigid distinction between sculpture and painting does not exist. We cannot isolate any kind of artistic expression on the basis of its form, for there are only different means put to use for the common artistic goal. Sandpaper and absorbent cotton are forms of expression that are every bit as usable as all oil painting and marble”. Asger Jorn, Helhesten, May 1941

When prompted on why she first began her creative journey, Anna replies: Why? Because I have been created, I must create, and there is no difference between the creation of a hair, or the creation of a jelly bean. It is all art to me. With an artistic manifesto that ranges from pure, unadulterated action – Just do it – to absolute reflection, citing originality; imagination; insightfulness; constructive thought; resourcefulness and vision; aptitude and intellectual development as cornerstones to creativity, Anna Boros is an artist who never seems to run out of ideas.

Her artistic productivity is a personal highlight for her, and she describes herself as being like a kid in a lolly shop when faced with the abundance of ways to express herself creatively.Anna’s actions in more recent years have turned from production to distribution, and exhibition. Getting her work out there is of great importance – as it is, and needs to be, for many artists.One of Anna’s recent works, a drawing titled Common Weal, made on a large 2 metre by 1.26 metre canvas, was used for a recently published book titled The Common Weal, about Australia’s political history, written entirely in rhythmic verse. The book cover was a success, and the artist also produced ten illustrations as well.

Many artists face obstacles along their creative paths, however Anna believes obstacles to art are usually within oneself, and that the only way to overcome any of these obstacles is to forge ahead despite the fears: “It’s dangerous to procrastinate.” She says, “For me, obstacles to the art practice have been financial, demographic, and deadlines. To overcome this requires skill, patience and determination. It is my belief that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Avoid frustration. One has to research and study art trends and follow up on leads and hunches. It is a very competitive environment, but nothing is impossible.

When in doubt – wait, then just do it.”And so, to the future: Anna plans to keep exhibiting and to keep hunting for sponsorship. She is also considering a Masters, and, although she claims her greatest weakness is her proclivity for diversion, this artist has an underlying forge-ahead mentality that is sure to keep her moving onwards  along her creative path. I am grateful for life. I am tactile, sensory, and open to the earth and the universe on physical and quantum planes. By personally believing in something Higher, the ego gets pushed to the side, and the ideas just then keep flooding in. Voila! I am inspired! – Anna Boros ” Unquote.


Written by Krissie Scudds, Artfiles IN FOCUS, ARTIST OF THE MONTH.


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