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mixed media





Mixed Media. October 2009

This is a mix of paints and pastels on architectural paper.
This artwork is a play on the word ‘Embarrassed’, so, it is logical then, to

proceed with a drawing of someone’s bare behind, with the flipped up petticoat.
This type of paper gives a very sheened and translucent effect to the drawing.







Mixed media- acrylic paint, chain, embellishments. October, 2007

The Ten Of Swords card in the Tarot, represents great mental alacrity,

and among other inferences, mental anguish and mental illness. This particular

abstract represents when the brain sequences disrupt, cause fits and spits, anguish and

frustration. A dear friend of mine was the inspiration of this piece,

due to the friend having to overcome the effects of  accidental electrocution.

The beautiful colours represent the beautiful person within.



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