Mixed Media. paper, plaster, paint, glass on canvas. October 2007

This work  is one of quite a few works made one after another due to a creative release.

(I get those)…









Hospital Series, 2007. Ink and Watercolour.

In early 2007, I was trying to hand rear a little 4 week old kitten . As I was feeding it, it was so hungry it accidentally took my thumb for the teat on the bottle, then a need for surgery to remove fragmented bones and clean up the site… and so started a long cycle of 14 days of one hour intravenous antibiotic to kill a serious staph infection that took over my body. The first two works were done while undergoing the drip, and the last one after it was done.












Mixed Media. Cotton, enamel paint, nylon, plaster. 13th November, 2006


This work was made for my kitchen area. The concept is in regard to the loss of my hair.

A few years before, I had asked a singing student (who was a hairdresser by trade), to trim my very long blonde waist length hair.

When she had finished she had actually cut most of my

hair off without me realising. After that I decided to dye my hair black. Jealousy can be such a pain in the ……











Top & Bottom: . Ink and watercolour on acid free card. 2006

I went to two parties in one day. The top one is the first one I went to, then the bottom one

was at night when I arrived there. Two very different parties. The top party was full of family and children

and gays and straights, and puppy dogs and heaps of babies and children getting lost in the crowd.

It was so much fun to be watching on the side.

By the time I got to the 2nd party it was late and the booze and the talking was quite

the all time low.  It was all time satiety …and   I wondered how it would have been if I had had these two parties’

time-switched. Probably exactly the same. Same props, different actors.

All the ‘sane’ people had left and gone home, and the late stayers too tired to shift.








Mixed Media on canvas. 2006

This work is made of paint, plaster, cedar wood, rope,sand.


This work is a conceptual piece, telling us that time is not necessarily in our favour,

but if you play by the rules than maybe you will have a few wins along the way.







Breakfast Sculpture. Mixed Media. Circa 2006.
This work is a wall  hanging. Who wouldn’t want to have a breakfast like this?

Raw bacon, green bread and butter, squashed, cooked tomato,

hard peas, and two eggs that have dripped off the plate, down the wall?







Pastel and Ink on acid-free paper. 2006

Over the years, my backyard garden has never remained the same.

Here is a mix of ink drawing and orange pastel.







The Angle Of The Angel. Ink and Watercolour. 2005.

Have you ever been through a rough trot? Life can bring these on,

even though you try to avoid them as much as possible.

To get to understand the situation, we must find a way to be objective

and create the ability to handle the situation,

even if it means that we must end the situation we are in, permanently.







Watercolour and ink on acid free paper. 2004

Doodling is an interesting art to do. In my art uni days I studied Trance Art and Doodling . Doodling and Trance Art do

not need psychedelic drugs to effect an outcome.