Acrylic on acid-free paper. 6th January, 2010

I did a few local paintings around this time, like Tench Reserve, and Nepean Belle On The Nepean River,

and View Of The Nepean River From The Log Cabin. This one is a painting in a relatively naive style, due to the fact that this part of High Street,

Penrith, NSW, is part of the old Penrith shops and it is laid back, casual, and almost has a country feel

which even today, in some parts of Penrith, it retains that something special. This is the height of Summer.





Acrylic on canvas. 20th October, 2009

Amnesty International Exhibition at the Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney. Exhibiting ‘The Empty Bowl’.

20.10.2009-25.10.2009. Opening on the 20th October 2009 , 2009.









Acrylic on canvas. October, 2008

In memory of Chickie. Chickie was a rescued kitten.

Chickie died from strangulation.

One of the  jobs an artist does,  is to record history, even sad ones.