Abaddon’s Locusts






Pastel on canvas.                                   22 February, 2018



This is the 2nd drawing in a Women’s Series that I am currently doing for 2018.

The series is titled ‘Matriarchal Heroines’, typifying the heroines of the everyday world

in which we live in. The exhibition at the end of this year is to bring awareness of an

egoistic culture focused on selfies and materialism. This series is to bring to mind that we are all human no matter

what car you own or new plastics you have bought.

‘Abaddon’s Locusts’ is about a heroine who braved her own fears and came out victorious from

bullying, deceit, treachery and cruelty that lasted for a span of about 2 years.









I Wish Thee Well. Completed 19th December 2017

One of two works in the series.


This is a self portrait.

This conceptual drawing is about the emotional mixtures that evolve through the memories,

the happiness’s, the missing, and well wishing of when our children leave the nest,

and to venture out and become independent of their parents,

and finally making their own  life changing and life strengthening decisions.

19 December 2017







Pastel on canvas. Very large canvas approx. 1 metre x 1 metre.

This is another conceptual piece regarding the constant self evolution we go through,

using props and masks for a guise while we metamorphosise into a changed and altered human being- forever evolving.








Pastel on canvas. September, 2009

The image of this work- Afim, represents many different interpretations to different people.

How are you interpreting this?








Pastel on a very large canvas. 31st May, 2009

This work was created to make image for a book cover. The book was written by

Professor Kundan Misra, which is about Australian political history,

entirely written in Rhythmic Verse.  Below is the bookcover and a pastel drawing on

canvas with Kundan and his lovely wife. December 2009