Pastel on Canvas.

‘Valerie’ is the title for this drawing on canvas. The definition of the name Valerie, is actually an Old English name derived from the Roman male version of the name with the same meaning: Valiant and courageous.
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This is the 6th pastel drawing work in the series for ‘Everyday Matriarchal Heroines’ which will be part of a series of 12 drawings of heroic women. Manumission is about a story of a woman who was being violated by her previous husband and was rescued from a pathetic fate by the man she is married to today. The intricacies to the story go much deeper, as this beautiful woman also suffers from MS. She works full time and takes a lot of life in her stride. She is grateful that every day is away from her former dreadful past. Having MS is a hard slog, and to know her is to but admire her.

Amour- Propre




Pastel on canvas.        No.5  in the  ‘Everyday Matriarchal Heroines’  Series

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Pastel on canvas.                                                                 12th March 2018

Anastasis means ‘to rise up’, ‘to rise up again’, ‘to be reborn again’, ‘resurrection’, to be ‘resurrected from a debilitating illness’.

To watch helplessly while your little girl’s life is in the balance , can be any parent’s nightmare.
To have faith in something that is believed that cannot be seen, to be there when all else can fail, and to be finally rescued through what seems like a personal nightmare, is now seen as a past memory that makes one shudder at the recall of a memory so  vivid to already be a few years later.

Jewel Of Denial




Pastel on canvas.

This work titled ‘Jewel Of Denial’ is a play on words as any movie goer would know. However, this particular ‘jewel’ does justify her as one true heroine. There are not always problems in trusting family members with your own collateral. This heroine lost almost everything, and came out of a very hard situation a much wiser person for it. See the blog for more information.

This is the third completed work being part of a year long’s series of works,  will be exhibited in the ‘Everyday Matriarchal Heroines’ exhibition at the end of 2018, along with many more “Everyday Matriarchal Heroines’  upcoming project work. (as at 1 March 2018)



Abaddon’s Locusts






Pastel on canvas.                                   22 February, 2018



This is the 2nd drawing in a Women’s Series that I am currently doing for 2018.

The series is titled ‘Matriarchal Heroines’, typifying the heroines of the everyday world

in which we live in. The exhibition at the end of this year is to bring awareness of an

egoistic culture focused on selfies and materialism. This series is to bring to mind that we are all human no matter

what car you own or new plastics you have bought.

‘Abaddon’s Locusts’ is about a heroine who braved her own fears and came out victorious from

bullying, deceit, treachery and cruelty that lasted for a span of about 2 years.



I Wish Thee Well.




I Wish Thee Well.                                Pastel on canvas.  19th December 2017

First drawing in the series ‘ Everyday Matriarchal Heroines’. A series by Anna Boros for 2018.
This particular work, as is evident, a self portrait of the artist.

It is about the complex nature of the anxiety that can be caused through a child that has grown up and is now leaving home. Many mothers do actually feel the angst of saying goodbye to their beautiful grown up ‘babies’. In this particular case, the artist experienced deeper complex issues having lost 2 daughters previously. One to cot death, and the other without explanation.