Pastel on canvas. Very large canvas approx. 1 metre x 1 metre.

This is another conceptual piece regarding the constant self evolution we go through,

using props and masks for a guise while we metamorphosise into a changed and altered human being- forever evolving.








Pastel on canvas. September, 2009

The image of this work- Afim, represents many different interpretations to different people.

How are you interpreting this?








Pastel on a very large canvas. 31st May, 2009

This work was created to make image for a book cover. The book was written by

Professor Kundan Misra, which is about Australian political history,

entirely written in Rhythmic Verse.  Below is the bookcover and a pastel drawing on

canvas with Kundan and his lovely wife. December 2009














Pastel on canvas. 5th May, 2009

Here is ‘Theodore’s Cafe’… and just across the road is  ‘Across The Road From Theo’s’.

That one is a painting. This one, titled ‘ Theodore’s Cafe’, is a pastel drawing.

It was bought by the proprietor at the time, Theo.





Losing Face. Pastel on canvas. 16th April 2009


It was interesting to note that at the time of the US stock market crash, Tasmanian Devils in Australia

were being  devastated by a tumorous disease. Both species were suffering the decay of

something much bigger than themselves.










Three stages of womanhood. A follow on from uni days studying thesis for

Femininity Series. Here we have  Imogen, a young 22 year old, then Vanessa who is in

her early thirties, understanding young children and pregnancy, then Sandra, who has

grown up children, and is now exploring her own self again… and so repeats the cycle.

Each is pastel on canvas. Series completed,  April, 2009.