Mixed Media. Cotton, enamel paint, nylon, plaster. 13th November, 2006


This work was made for my kitchen area. The concept is in regard to the loss of my hair.

A few years before, I had asked a singing student (who was a hairdresser by trade), to trim my very long blonde waist length hair.

When she had finished she had actually cut most of my

hair off without me realising. After that I decided to dye my hair black. Jealousy can be such a pain in the ……











Treated Plaster. @ 1 metre length. 2005.

The ‘pea’ is actually the size of a small basketball. This was made after my uni studies were completed.
It was sold shortly after making it.











Breakfast Sculpture. Mixed Media. Circa 2006.
This work is a wall  hanging. Who wouldn’t want to have a breakfast like this?

Raw bacon, green bread and butter, squashed, cooked tomato,

hard peas, and two eggs that have dripped off the plate, down the wall?









These works were a study in W.S.U. Bach Fine Arts 2005 in researching plastic shopping bags.

These works are the sculptural result. Above is the 3D sculpture, which has ‘waves’ of ‘cave rock’ where

tiny lights can be  inserted into the sculpture for a decorative wall light,

and below is the Relief work- a flattened carved work.














Top: Bust made of graphite and cement, with treatment finishes. 2004

Below:  Bust made of plaster and latex with embellishments of needlework, stitching and cotton thread.

Like The Beauty Myth Series photographic images in this section, these two busts portray the inner female,

and the outer female. The top bust showing a female with one eye open, and the other eye closed.

 Her hair ornately coiffed. She is the inner part of the female psyche. The Animus.

The bust below represents the female with a face made of latex (representing plastic surgery).

On one side of the face, the latex has been cut open from the molding underneath,

then resewn representing the stitching required for remodeling.

Here too, her hair is coiffed, and her face renewed.

She too, still looks inward, but her exterior represents the Anima,

which is needed to take on the action and causality in deduction and change.












Photographic manipulated images. 2004. W.S.U.

Anna Boros as Artist As Director and Model,  & Craig Lewin, Photographer.

These images portray the narrative of the ‘before’s and after’s’

of what plastic surgery effect can have on females: the first image shows the contemplative possible sacrifice and self awareness.

The thought of not being perfect enough- purely a cultural reasoning.

The 2nd image shows the privacy needed in that contemplation and decision making.

The third image portraying the possible kickbacks of judgment by others and her expressed resentment toward

others because of their judgment.

The fourth image shows the end result of ‘plastic’ confidence, and whether the confidence

is through actualisation through the surgery, or the self  assurance of the final decision making.

The book titled ‘The Beauty Myth’ by Naomi Wolf, is a very interesting book regarding how our

cultural images are used against women in our society. You can read an interesting dialogue on the book in Wiki.

Just type in the title of the book. Happy reading.













Treated plaster. 2004. W.S.U.

This work is a work in the Femininity Series. This work portrays representational textile netting,

and rib like ‘boning at the top of the work.

It is said that Adam gave his rib bone to God to fashion a partner named Eve, and have her as his partner.

Here then, the narrative is clear.










Treated plaster sculpture. 2004

This is one of the sculptures I made at W.S.U.  The concept is an androgynously

expressed work, being young male chest on the front (showing),

and female abdomen at the back.

It is a Minimalist piece, and is intended to be felt and touched to understand

how the curvature and line of the sculpture expresses its concept .