Drawing on Acid- free card. September 2005

Focus Series is a conceptual set of four black and white drawings,

each of the four stages in how we assimilate information.

Focus in Perspective is the way we start to see the patterning and draw

conclusions from that information and draw a perspective on that information.


The second drawing, Focus in Objective is when we identify what we can see,

and draw it out and examine it as an object.
Focus In Subjective is where we throw it back into our brain and synthesise the

information against all other objects of information.
The compartments are where each fact is stored and the diagonal lines represent the neurons

sending and receiving information for comparison

and deduction.


The fourth drawing, Focus Introspective,  (sometimes I call this drawing ‘Pumpkin Head!),

 is about the processing of all the information,

melding and assimilating it back into the new patterning of  inward knowledge, and becoming it.

Thus, the insatiable urge of the thirsting for knowledge.










These works were a study in W.S.U. Bach Fine Arts 2005 in researching plastic shopping bags.

These works are the sculptural result. Above is the 3D sculpture, which has ‘waves’ of ‘cave rock’ where

tiny lights can be  inserted into the sculpture for a decorative wall light,

and below is the Relief work- a flattened carved work.












Acid-free paper, treated with ink and paint.

The concept of this wallpaper was to have it look like a ‘cave’ appearance in visual design.
My bedroom is my ‘cave’ to just be in.




LIZARD. 2005




Lizard. 2005.

I painted this watercolour to rest on my piano so that I could get a sense of peace and calm,

just like the lizard in the drawing, going about his work.







The Angle Of The Angel. Ink and Watercolour. 2005.

Have you ever been through a rough trot? Life can bring these on,

even though you try to avoid them as much as possible.

To get to understand the situation, we must find a way to be objective

and create the ability to handle the situation,

even if it means that we must end the situation we are in, permanently.







Ink on acid free glossy paper. 2005

What sort of experiences have you had at a large corporate company? Mine was with the Wusss Bluff Company.
Thats was in 2005. Draw about it. Best not to talk about it…. (mmm?!)








Ink on acid-free paper. 2005

In 2005, I had to go and get abdominal exploratory tests.

Frankly, I was a bit upset by the whole process, and the inconvenience of recuperation.
So, I drew this drawing showing the fears one can have in regards into the unknown:

Cocoons being found inside your body, and animals and nursery rhyme characters

all turning into mischievous taunting nightmare things!

It’s enough to make you do a drawing about it!