Jewel Of Denial




Pastel on canvas.

This work titled ‘Jewel Of Denial’ is a play on words as any movie goer would know. However, this particular ‘jewel’ does justify her as one true heroine. There are not always problems in trusting family members with your own collateral. This heroine lost almost everything, and came out of a very hard situation a much wiser person for it. See the blog for more information.

This is the third completed work being part of a year long’s series of works,  will be exhibited in the ‘Everyday Matriarchal Heroines’ exhibition at the end of 2018, along with many more “Everyday Matriarchal Heroines’  upcoming project work. (as at 1 March 2018)



I Wish Thee Well.




I Wish Thee Well.                                Pastel on canvas.  19th December 2017

First drawing in the series ‘ Everyday Matriarchal Heroines’. A series by Anna Boros for 2018.
This particular work, as is evident, a self portrait of the artist.

It is about the complex nature of the anxiety that can be caused through a child that has grown up and is now leaving home. Many mothers do actually feel the angst of saying goodbye to their beautiful grown up ‘babies’. In this particular case, the artist experienced deeper complex issues having lost 2 daughters previously. One to cot death, and the other without explanation.