Treated Plaster. 2003

This work is about Ley lines and how, the most convenient route is taken with land formations.

These sculptured pieces, when matched together correctly, like jigsaw puzzle  pieces, it forms a complete circle,

which is not only a fully formed formation, but also one that is easily transformed- just like our land masses formulate over time.

 The easiest path is the one of least resistance.










Treated Plaster, metal. 2003

I was doing a series on Femininity at uni, and this sculpture is about the reverence of

the female force. The cup lip is sculpted in the form of a rose petal, and the cup itself is ornately carved.

The cup stands on  a raised cake, where the two springs represent the ribbons of festivity.

These stand on a fancy, lace patterned ‘tray’,

presenting this work as it should be-

In praise of femininity.









Treated Plaster. 2003

Venus II is  in the Minimalist Style.  I was doing a fertility series at uni,

where this particular study came into play for a sculpture. I was reading up on the Venus of Willendorf,

where I was inspired to make the Modern Venus, of which is titled ‘Venus II’.

She is uncomplicated, compact, smooth facade, and sturdy.








Hand painted, mirror and strengthened plaster bottle. 1998

I used to like doing small projects like this, as you can find out what

can be mixed with what sort of medium.









Mixed Media.1998

This was made along with a few other works at the same time. There is definitely the situation with

me, is that when I get inspired, I can do several artworks one after the other, after another. It’s like I’m thirsting to drive a point/s

home and to then passionately create those ideas into artworks. Perhaps its a sort of insanity…