Acrylic on glass. 1998

This work was a Trance Art project of which I named ‘Robert’.

The painting is on the underside of the glass.






Smashed mirror mural mosaics and decorated stained glass window. Circa 1998.

When I did the large lounge room, a kitchen, a dining room, a foyer entrance, and a long hallway with mosaics like this,

it can take quite some time to complete- yes a couple of years almost. The concept for this was about bringing space into enclosed spaces. To bring light into darkness.

To invite colour through friends wearing colour and being colourful in nature into the mundane of an off white installation base, It was also about Reflection, and being able to have the stimulation around me through this work, to be able to reflect within. Here then, is my sanctity of sacred space-: The Light,  The Colour , The Space To Just Be, and the reflection of Past, Present, and Future.










Acrylic paint on canvas. 1973

This work was one of my first major works at school. I was 14 years old at the time.
I was amazed at the Surrealist painters, especially Salvador Dali, and he was alive and well in this year.
This work was about clinging to life, and the sacrifices, and the versatility to survive it all.
At the tender age of 14, I had already lost my mum, and a younger brother.

Growing up had its challenges… What to do? Be artistic!